Two hospitality providers in Caloundra join forces


Two leading hospitality providers of Caloundra have formed a new alliance by signing a deal. Rumba Beach Resort has announced the partnership on Monday, March 27.

Bill Darby of Rumba Resort and Janine and Allan Langer of Alfie’s Mooo Char & Bar have joined forces for the new collaboration. Janine along with chefs Leonie Wohlsen and Daniel Wilkinson will form the new catering team for the recently renovated conference facility of the resort.

Photo Credit: Rumba Beach Resort

Mr Darby, the general manager of Rumba Resort, said that the partnership would allow them to serve their event guests delicious food items in a great venue. He continued saying that their farm-to-table philosophy inspires them to use fresh and seasonal local ingredients and produce for their functions and catering menus. Events manager Kaileb Gosewinckel works to maintain the local vibe when hosting any networking event or business meeting.

Mr Gosewinckel said that the local attractions are a great draw to the delegates attending business conferences in Caloundra. Their new 26degrees Bar & Venue, in that case, convinces them to come earlier with their families and spend more time.

Photo Credit: Rumba Beach Resort

Leanne Layfield, the Executive Office of the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the collaboration of the two businesses and hoped that it would contribute to the local travel industry and business events market.

According to Ms Layfield, hosting business events outside the major centres is an encouraging trend as it helps local businesses to thrive and business tourism to spread across a broader region.

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