Coffs Coast Surf Tours offers custom-design holiday packages


The Coffs Coast Surf Tours has announced a guided tour package for luxury surfing and sight-seeing. The “Luxury Surf, Sights & Stay Guided Holiday Tours” will provide a whole new experience of the iconic Surf Trip Down-Under.

The package can be the perfect opportunity to enjoy an authentic Aussie surfing experience with your partner, family members, and friends. The guides will help you to explore the magnificent Coffs Coast and surf in the blue ocean.

Photo Credit: Coffs Coast Surf Tours 

The owners of the Coffs Coast Surf Tours, Sara and Josh Walker, founded the company with the mission of offering the adventures and breathtaking beauty of the Coffs Coast to the travellers around the world. Mr Walker said that the place has so many things to offer that visitors can easily miss a lot unless they have a guide to show them around.

Ms Walker is a nature enthusiast while Mr Walker is a qualified surf coach. Their tour packages mainly focus on surfing, but they also include eco-tours, walks through rainforest and coastal areas, sight-seeing, and a range of other activities.

Photo Credit: Coffs Coast Surf Tours 

There are daily flights from Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane to Coffs Harbour airport. You can get there by bus too as the journey will take only a few hours from Byron Bay, a coastal town in NSW. The Coffs Coast Surf Tours will give you the opportunity to custom-design your itinerary so that you can enjoy your luxury coastal holiday the way you want.

The prices for the packages start at AUD$1,440. Visit the tour operator’s website to know more details about them and make your booking.

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