Albania to open a secret military island to tourists


A mysterious island that you may have never heard off could be the next hotspot for European summer vacation.

Tucked off the coast of Albania, the Sazan Island has a virgin coastline that could be a huge attraction for tourists. Its strategic position at the place where the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea meet is likely to be a big draw too.

However, the military island is a mystery even to the Albanians. Italy’s fascist regime first used it during the 1930s. Albania’s communist regime designed it to withstand nuclear attack after the World War II. The government built bunkers and tunnels to protect themselves from Western incursion.

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The Communist government considered the island as the country’s port of defence and the route to exercise control over the Strait of Otranto. For this reason, it has never been open to the public.

However, the Defence Ministry of the country has decided to open up the once isolated military base to visitors. Milva Ekonomi and Mimi Kodheli, the Economy and Defence Ministers of Albania, respectively, have signed an agreement on that occasion on Wednesday. According to it, the tourists will get to visit the island from May until October, the warmer months in Albania.

Ms Ekonomi said that they had taken the decision after requests from many tour operators. According to her, it marks an important event for the country’s economy, which greatly depends on the income of the tourism industry.

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The Albanian government is also mulling over the idea of opening two other military bases – Orikum and Pashe Alimani – which are located in proximity to the Sazan Island. Around 4.7 million tourists visited the country last year, and it seems that the government has been sincerely working to increase that number.

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