Pay respect to the war memorial on Anzac Day in Canberra


The Anzac Day is going to take place in Canberra on Tuesday, April 25, giving a perfect opportunity to every traveller not only to pay respect to the Australian War Memorial but also spending a short vacation exploring the hidden gems in the country’s capital.

Canberra is famous for producing incredible food and wine. You can spend a long weekend there doing the palatal adventure along with visiting museums and galleries and making outdoor adventures.

The centrepiece of the Anzac Day commendations is the Australia War Memorial, which will take place from April 23 to the Dawn Service on the Anzac Day.

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The National Ceremony will start from 10:30am. It features lots of practices including playing the national anthems of Australia and New Zealand, the hymn reading, the Last Post, the Commemorative Address, and more. The event is such an experience that every Australian must attend once in a lifetime.

If you’re curious about your country’s involvement in the First World War, go to the National Gallery of Australia and enjoy the Artiste of the Great War exhibition. The displays at the National Archives of Australia will showcase the bravery and sacrifice of the indigenous Australian soldiers.

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However, when you are not reflecting upon the tragedy and glory of Australia during the World War I, keep yourself busy by exploring the treasures that Canberra has to offer. Go to Kingston or Braddon to taste the famous pub food, fusion cuisines, and award-winning craft beers. You can also enjoy the sightseeing around Lake Burley Griffin and explore the national attractions in the capital.

Take a look at Visit Canberra if you want to know more about the interesting spots and make a travel plan accordingly.

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