UK government may restrict alcohol consumption at airports


The UK government may restrict the consumption of alcohol in airports. A parliamentary select committee has suggested the restriction to stop drunken air rage.

The airport is probably the only public place where you can drink at breakfast. However, the freedom of consuming liquor also leads to many unpleasant situations involving the unruly behaviour of drunk passengers. In an attempt to stop such incidents, the House of Lords in the UK Parliament proposed constraint on airport bars on selling alcohol.

The committee made a 10-month inquiry before submitting a 186-page report. They investigated many issues that reveal that the Licensing Act 2003, which applies to most of the UK drinking stores and businesses, does not apply to the airport bars.

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The Lords select committee’s chairwoman, Baroness McIntosh of Pickering, said that the current airport drinking rules lead to dangerous situations on board. A spokesman from Jet2, a British budget airline, also came forward and claimed alcohol to be the culprit behind more than half of the incidents involving dangerous behaviours of passengers.

Lord Ahmad, the aviation minister of the UK, also vowed to make airports more family-friendly after his appointment last year. He said at that time that they would ensure not to allow unruly passengers through airport departure gates.

The rate of drinking before getting on a plane has been alarming for Australian travellers too. Cheapflights had conducted an online study last year, which revealed that 60% of Aussies kickstart their holiday by having a drink at the airport.

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Nathan Graham, the spokesman for Cheapflights, told at that time that most travellers take airport as a place where they don’t have to abide by normal rules of life. Most of them choose to have a drink no matter the time of the day.

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