South Korea opens a new observatory Seoul Sky


South Korea has opened a new observatory in the capital of Seoul on April 2. Named as Seoul Sky, it is the third highest observatory in the world. Since the opening, it has instantly become one of the attractions in the city.

The Seoul Sky is located on the top floors of Lotte World Tower, the latest and tallest building in the capital city. It has been designed to be the embodiment of ‘The Beauty and Pride of Korea.’

Photo Credit: Eastasy

The observatory has scored three Guinness World Records. It has the fastest and longest Sky Shuttle elevator, and its sky deck is the highest glass-floored observation deck in the world.

The observatory features glass walls on every side, allowing the visitors to enjoy a complete view of the entire city. In fact, if the weather is clear, it is even possible to get a view of the Yellow Sea!

Photo Credit: Korea Tourism Organization

Seoul Sky is located in Songpa-gu, the suburban district in the southeastern part of Seoul. It is open every day from 9.30am to 11.00pm. The entry ticket will cost 27,000KRW (approximately AUD$31) per adult and 24,000KRW (approximately AUD$28) per child. Visitors have to go to the Lotte World Tower’s lobby levels of B1 and B2 to board the elevator to the observatory.

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