A Muslim woman cannot get on a flight for not removing hijab


A Muslim woman claims to be discriminated at the Ciampino Airport in Rome, Italy. The airport staff asked her to take off her hijab (a religious headgear) when she saw nuns passing through the security checkpoint without any question asked.

According to a report by The Sun, the Indonesian citizen named Aghnia Adzkia was supposed to take a flight to London from the Ciampino Airport. However, the airport officers stopped her saying that she could not get the safety clearance unless she removed the hijab.

Ms Adzkia recorded the incident and posted the video on social media account with a furious post. The video shows that the officers were repeatedly asking her to remove the headscarf saying that it’s not safe as she could carry something inside it. However, she stood her ground, demanding to see the law against hijab at the airport security checkpoint.

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In her social media post, Ms Adzkia said that she could not trust the airport officials unless they showed her any legal document about checking at the security point by removing the hijab. She also described her decision of not complying with their order as a matter of human dignity and rights.

Ms Adzika booked another flight to London later at the evening and was supposed to fly from Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci — Fiumicino Airport. At that time, she was able to get on the plane but only after complying with the officials’ request of removing the headscarf.

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The operator of the Ciampino Airport released a statement saying that the security officers only followed the safety procedures. The report also made it clear that the staff showed Ms Adzika the National Security Programme and translated it into English to make it clear that the security officers have the rights to check the head and headdress to ensure safety. The operator made it clear that the incident does not relate to any form of discrimination.

The UK’s Home Office also said in 2010 that the airport border officials should ask passengers wearing any face-covering to remove it to ensure their identity.

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