Bangkok to force out the street food carts


Bangkok is going to ban the street food stalls as the part of an ongoing clean-up battle. The city hall official announced on Tuesday, April 18, that they would not allow the carts for hygiene reasons and for clogging the footpaths.

City officials have been working for months to clean up the streets of the metropolis. A chief adviser to Bangkok’s governor, Wanlop Suwandee, said that they would ban all types of stalls selling food, clothes, and counterfeit goods from the main city roads. According to him, these stalls block most of the walkway space, creating traffic jams and leaving almost no room for pedestrians.

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However, the decision has already triggered an outcry from people who consider these stalls as an essential part of the charming city. The spicy roadside cuisine in Bangkok is a big draw for both the tourists and local people. Hitting the streets late at night and having chicken fry or noodles is one of the favourite pastimes.

Besides, the chaos created in the roads for these push carts is a part of the Bangkok culture. Many Bangkokians love to enjoy fried insects or pork grill by sitting on the plastic chairs of the roadside restaurants as cars whiz by. Besides, the street diners are the only place where you’ll see people from all social levels.

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Many people think that evicting those vendors will be like cleaning out the culture of the city. Besides, the inexpensive, rich variety of foods is a huge attraction for the tourists. So, removing those stalls could discourage backpackers and travellers to visit the city. If that happens, the kingdom is going to take a blow because tourism is one of its principal economic sources.

The junta has been on the mission of imposing a morality and orderliness campaign since taking power in 2014. Previously, it undertook a mission of changing Pattaya’s image as a sex city by launching a ‘Happy Zone.’

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