Sydney’s SEA LIFE Aquarium launches Penguin Passport


SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium launches Penguin Passport, the great chance for all the penguin and wildlife lovers to meet the attraction of the Southern Hemisphere, during these school holidays. It is the first and only program in Sydney to encounter those aquatic, flightless birds.

It will be a 45-minute tour where guests suited up in Helly Hansen snow gear will be allowed to the penguin colony. They will be taken to behind the scenes of the icy wonderland of the Macquarie Island and get the chance to see Gentoo and King penguins waddling and sliding. They can also experience the food preparation and temperature maintaining processes.

Photo Credit: Merlin Entertainments Group

SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium’s General Manager, Richard Dilly, said that they were excited to give people the opportunity to have first-hand experience with Gentoo and King penguins. The aquarium has the one and only sub-Antarctic penguin colony in Sydney. The officials want people to grab the exclusive opportunity of encountering those majestic birds and be aware of the pollutions that are threats to wild penguin colonies. They will encourage people to reduce their plastic footprints by using recyclable items more sensibly.

Opened in November 2016, it is the world’s first penguin show where guests can take a ride to experience a beautiful penguin colony. The Penguin Expedition allows each and every person to be an explorer as they can take a raft ride through a cold, sub-Antarctica environment.

Photo Credit: Merlin Entertainments Group

The aquarium in Darling Harbour is open every day from 9am to 6pm. Anyone except for children aged less than 14 years can enjoy the exhibit. The price of ticket per head is $180. Visit SEA LIFE Sydney to get more information.

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