An American Airlines flight attendant allegedly hits a female passenger


The American Airlines has banned one of their flight attendants for showing rude behaviour to a passenger. He was filmed challenging a man who came forward in defence of a mother the steward was doing misconduct.

According to The Sun, the ruckus erupted when the airlines’ crew members snatched the pushchair from a mom of two children. The passenger who filmed the video said that the flight attendants took the stroller violently and even hit the lady in the process. A man, who was on board on the same plane, then stood up and came to the defence of the distraught mom.

Photo Credit: Fox 32 Chicago

The video shows that the alleged flight crew told the man to stay out of it. The name of the man who shot the video is Surain Adyanthaya. He later posted a photo on his Facebook account, which seems to show that the airline crews escorted the woman and her baby twins off the plane.

The incident happened on Friday afternoon on Flight 591 when it was about to depart from San Francisco.

A spokesman for the American Airlines later issued an apology to the passenger and her family and the other customers on the flight. He said that the way the attendant behaved in the video does not reflect the company’s values or the patience and empathy necessary for customer care.

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

The spokesman ensured that they removed the alleged attendant from duty and would investigate the incident. Besides, they also upgraded the woman and her family to first class for the remainder of their trip.

United Airlines made headlines last week for a quite similar incident. Their flight crew violently dragged Dr David Dao, 69, off a flight from Chicago to Louisville.

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