Bangkok local government will not ban street food


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) assures all the travellers that Bangkok will remain the top destination for street food. The statement is a response to some articles lately published in local and international media about the removal of the food vans from the streets.

Recently, many news outlets have published articles that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has been thinking of banning the roadside vendors including the food stalls from the main streets of the capital city.

Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand

However, TAT confirms that BMA has no plan to execute an outright ban except for implementing some measures to control the quality of the goods and food sold on the streets. The truth is BMA the contribution of food sellers to make the city a popular destination for the street food lovers in the world and to improve the local economy.

BMA has decided to upgrade the standard of street sellers by providing them with the necessary support and advice. The local government wants the food vendors to raise their hygiene and food safety standards and follow waste management procedures. Besides, it will work with the city’s Traffic Division and Metropolitan Police Bureau to keep the vital roads and walkways in the busiest areas to clear off food carts. It means that sellers in those areas have to park their stalls in distinct zones.

Photo Credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand

If the government approves of these measures, the food vendors will have to pass tests and BMA training programs to get a licence.

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