Jetstar refuses to refund for a father and his terminally ill son


An Australian father claims Jetstar refused to refund after he had to cancel a flight for his terminally-ill son.

Richard Guy, who lives in Lismore, New South Wales, is the father of an 11-year-old boy named Miles who has been diagnosed with terminal stage cancer. The boy, along with his father, was supposed to fly to Melbourne to join his grandfather’s 70th birthday. But, their plan of leaving from Ballina Airport to Victoria’s Tullamarine on May 4 and return on May 7 was ruined after Miles had to be hospitalised for intense chemotherapy.

Mr Guy contacted the airline’s support and requested a refund of $220 for the two tickets. However, after a long phone conversation and chatting with their customer service representatives, he received a credit note that has to be used within six months.

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The father said that he expected more compassion from Jetstar because there’s no guarantee that they would be able to use the credit note considering that his son is at stage four metastatic cancer.

Currently, the boy is at Lady Cilento Hospital Brisbane, and the medical bills are costing the family a fortune. So, that refund money would help them keep going for at least another week.

Mr Guy showed the customer service staff the document from his son’s oncologist to prove his point. However, the agent told him to be grateful for the credit.

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An angry Mr Guy said that he would never fly Jetstar again because they don’t care about their customers or human beings but for their profit. He even labelled the budget airline as a ‘heartless’ corporation.

Nevertheless, a Jetstar spokesperson later made a statement that they would give Mr Guy a full refund according to the company’s ‘compassionate policy.’

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