Canberra adds more challenging tracks for mountain bikers


The Stromlo Forest Park in Canberra has expanded their jump trails, the Trump Card and Vapour Trail. It was a response to the demand for more challenging circuits in Australia.

Mountain biking has been becoming increasingly popular in the country. The riders have also honed their skills with time. Hence, the growing demand for trails that can match their expertise and competence.

The good news is the experts at Flow Mountain Bike has already given green signal to both the tracks. The last update is riders from all over the country are travelling to the capital city for taking up the challenges.

Photo Credit: VisitCanberra

Liz Clarke, the Director of Venues Canberra, said that many Aussie bikers travel foreign countries to have the experience of riding on taxing but exciting tracks. According to her, the new trails will be able to fulfil what the bikers are looking for and will increase the reputation of Canberra as a global riding destination.

All the renowned mountain bikes parks in the world have the top to bottom jump trails. They have become especially popular after the inclusion of A-Line in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park in British Columbia, Canada.

The Stromlo Forest Park also have trails for beginner and intermediate rides. In fact, Canberra now has one of the most diverse trail networks in the country.

Photo Credit: VisitCanberra

The park authority encourages the visitors to stay over a weekend so that they can explore all the trails along with tasting the city’s award-winning beer and coffee. There’s also a shuttle service that allows visitors to have a ride to the top of the hill.

Take a look at VisitCanberra to know about more activities and attractions in Canberra.

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