Experience dining in the air with Dinner in the Sky Monte-Carlo


Looking for a stellar venue to rock a dinner date? The ‘Dinner in the Sky Monte-Carlo’ is going to join the new trend of taking the diners up into the air for having their meal!

The Monaco Government Tourist Bureau has arranged for the event from July 7 to 16, 2017. It will take place daily during that period and serve a daily lunch and two dinners. The guests will enjoy their meal at 50 metres above Monte Carlo’s iconic Grand Casino.

Photo Credit: Monaco Government Tourist Bureau

Only 22 guests can join in one dining session. They will sit on a nacelle pod that will be hoisted into the sky on the casino terrace. Only 600 lucky people in total will get the chance of dining in the air during the 10-day event. If you want to reserve your spot, visit Dinner in the Sky Monte Carlo. However, you have to book for at least two persons with €990 per head. The cost includes dinner, drinks, cocktail, private transfers, and a VIP welcome on arrival at the site. You can opt for helicopter transfer too if your hotel or accommodation is somewhere in Corsica, Geneva, or St-Topaz.

Many celebrated chefs of French award and Michelin status will prepare the dishes in the sky in the presence of the guests. The line-up includes Yannick Franques, Paolo Sari, Jérôme De Oliveira, Arnaud Tabarec, Marcel Ravin, and more notable names.

Photo Credit: Monaco Government Tourist Bureau

The ‘dining in the air’ concept has been growing in popularity. The event has already been organised in lots of major cities around the world including New York, Las Vegas, Paris, and Vancouver to name a few.

The new dining site in Monaco will offer the guests 360° views of the Principality and wonderful sights of some of the iconic spots in the country such as its famous Casino the Mediterranean coastline, the port, Prince’s palace, and the vast horizon.

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