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Did you know that based on social media data, Australia is vastly becoming the most desired destination in the world?  This, according to the Teletext research company.

Businesses such as Tourism Australia recognize the ever growing popularity of social media which means Aussies will begin to see marketing campaigns on vacations, deals, and destinations highlighted through social media.

Infact, Tourism Australia will rely upon receiving their research on travel destinations and a traveller’s untold story of their vacation highlights, through social media.  

Nick Baker, Executive General Manager, for Tourism Australia spoke at the Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE) 2012 conference where he emphasised the role social media will play.

 “We’ve told everybody, ‘There’s nothing like Australia’, now we need to prove it. We wanted to move it from a rational approach to a more emotional one.”

“We’ve got to differentiate the country, really show what is unique about this country and bring it to life in a way that everyone finds appealing. The way we’ve chosen to do this is by telling stories.”

Baker spoke of social media platforms such as Twitter, cellular phone applications, Facebook, Tumblr and Myspace, where he believes these platforms are wonderful vehicles to highlight a traveller’s images, previous knowledge on travelling to specific destinations, and sharing thoughts or travel plans.

 “It’s no longer just about the big ad. It’s about how you’re going to tell that story from inspiring people to giving people information so that they’re able to go out there and book.

“As storytellers, how do we tell a richer deeper story than an ad can, when we’re in so many markets around the world? We decided to create a cross between a coffee table book, an online television show and a travel guide… condensed into one tablet app.”

Andrew McEvoy, who is Managing Director of Tourism Australia, spoke of the impact social media has had on travellers and how important a role it will play to tourism companies.

 “Operators who haven’t already done so should really embrace digital and social media. People are passionate about travel and love to share their holiday experiences.

“There is a strong bragability factor about a holiday which plays out very strongly in social media and is a huge opportunity for operators to really tap into.”

McEvoy goes on to say that Tourism Australia has already begun using social media such as Facebook, where “Likes” have reached 3 million, as a means to document, research and share a traveller’s experiences.

 “It’s not just, we’re building content with the other great distributors of tourism information globally, whether they be airlines, search engines or social media platforms.”

McEvoy insisted that based on studies conducted through Teletext, just over 25% of England travellers confessed to booking a holiday based on viewing a family member’s, friend’s or colleague’s Facebook page.

“We’re harnessing the power of social media as we continue to enhance our presence in the digital space, and it’s paying off.”

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