Tourist scammed after booking an Airbnb holiday getaway


A woman named Georgia Brown – a 20-year-old from Essex, England – accused Airbnb of not taking enough safety measures after being scammed by a host advertised a holiday retreat through the website of the famous hospitality service.

Ms Brown was looking for a place to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday in October this year, and she found the perfect spot in Amsterdam when browsing through Airbnb. As she had never used any online rental marketplace before, she believed the host completely and sent him a payment of AUD$1,595 or £915 to a bank account for a three-night stay at a four-bedroom home in the capital of the Netherlands.

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However, when she contacted Airbnb after receiving the confirmation email, she was informed that it was not an official address. She quickly called her bank to stop the transaction and slammed the rental website for not providing enough information about the scammers.

According to her, the advertisement stated that the renter should transfer the money directly to the host’s bank account. She said that the company should have such an advert on their website in the first place because it claims to do all the checks on the hosts.

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On the other hand, a spokesman for Airbnb said that they have a dedicated team to remove the misrepresented or fake listings from the website. He also chirped about new security tools to keep the community safe and said that customers would be safe if they had made the payment through Airbnb.

The company removes the listing from their website after Ms Brown had brought the scamming accusation.

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