Australia unveils a new gem for divers


A hidden gem has been uncovered, and divers from all around the world are heading toward it. The diving spot is in the Tropical Indian Ocean that circles the Christmas Island – an Australian territory lying south of Java, Indonesia.

The top-notch diving spot has been a well-kept secret for so many years. However, the private place has been finally unveiled to the rest of the world after the launch of a new flight and the arrival of an international diving company.

Six months ago, Extra Divers Worldwide opened their diving operation on the island. Since then, the local tourism industry has been faring quite well. Christmas Island Tourism Association’s Linda Cash considered the global diving conglomerate a catalyst in driving the eco-tourism in the area. According to her, the operation of the Extra Divers increases the reputation of the island as a global diving destination.

Photo Credit: Australia’s Indian Ocean Islands

The CEO of the diving company, Walter Harscher, is so convinced about the potential of the island as a diving destination that his company has also invested in a weekly charter flight from Indonesia.

According to Mr Harscher, they are receiving bookings from all over Asia and many European and Western countries including Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, the United States, and more.

A Bombardier 96 business jet flies the route Jakarta-Christian Island-Jakarta each week. It also allows passengers to bring additional luggage without any extra charge so that divers have no problem bringing their heavy equipment.

Photo Credit: Australia’s Indian Ocean Islands

Currently, the diving company is able to provide the service for 32 divers per week. Divers can enjoy the island’s extraordinary marine life including whale sharks, turtles, dolphins, and more.

For more information, please visit the website of Christmas Island.

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