Canberra to celebrate the truffle season with lots of events


Canberra is the premier truffle hunting destination in Australia. The capital and its surrounding regions come alive with truffle events when the weather starts to cool down.

The Truffle Festival – Canberra Region is the largest festival of its kind that features over 250 events during the period between June and August. Starting from the 1st June, it is the best chance for every truffle enthusiast to hunt and collect these highly-prized gems.

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Currently in the ninth year, The Truffle Festival will host events across the city. The visitors will get the opportunity to join the search and eating of truffles along with enjoying dinners.

The Truffle Farm Canberra, Blue Frog Truffles, Turalla Truffles, and Macenmist Black Truffles and Wines will organize truffle hunts across the season. Book your place to any of the events if you want to have a first-hand truffle hunting experience. There’s also an opportunity to join a cooking class or let the celebrated chefs prepare a delicacy for you.

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If you only care about the palatal pleasure, sample truffle-inspired menus in restaurants across the region. In fact, Hopinator at BentSpoke Brewery will allow the visitors to taste a truffle-infused beer.

To get the full schedule and details of the events, visit Truffle Festival.

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