A Qantas plane aborts flight for engine problem


An Australia-bound Qantas jet had to turn back to Los Angeles for a problem with the engine. The passengers claimed on social media about an engine ‘blew up,’ but the airline had refused it.

On Friday, the Flight QF94 departed the LAX with 480 passengers after 10pm local time. It was a 15 hours journey that was supposed to land in Melbourne at 7am the next day. However, the pilot shut down one of the four engines of the Airbus A380 just two hours into the journey and turned the flight back to the LA.

Several passengers tweeted about a ‘blow up’ in mid-air and seeing sparks coming out one of the wings. Many also thanked the Qantas pilot for landing them safely in LAX. Nevertheless, Qantas denied the reports of the engine was afire.

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The airline confirmed on Sunday morning that the flight was abandoned because on an engine issue. However, the spokesperson said that no engine was ablaze and the passengers might have seen some sparks before the flight crew shut down the engine safely. According to the statement, the jet landed normally in LA on Saturday. The engineers are currently looking into the engines to find out the cause of the problem.

Qantas arranged for a replacement flight that left LAX with those passengers at around 2.30pm on Saturday and was supposed to land in Melbourne on Sunday night at around 10pm.

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A Sydney-bound Qantas A380 from Singapore caught an engine fire in 2010. One of the engines disintegrated in that accident. Although the jet landed back safely in Singapore without any injury, it took five to repair the plane and bring it back into the regular schedule.

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