Scoot offers less than $1000 round trip to Europe


A flight from Australia to Europe for less than a thousand dollar seems too good to be true. Well, Scoot has offered such a dream deal for the Australian travellers!

The Singapore-based airline revealed this week that their new fleet of eight 787-8 Dreamliners would be used to operate those cheap flights for the Aussies. Lee Lik Hsin, the chief executive of the airline, talked to the US media on Tuesday and announced that they were to offer a round trip to Europe under $1,000. Based in Singapore, the airplanes will connect flights from Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and the Gold Coast to Greece’s Athens.

Launched in November 2011, Scoot is a budget airline that offers long-haul flights at low costs, an economical alternative to its parent company, Singapore Airlines.

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Most of the carriers charge around $2,000 for a return ticket to Europe. So, many people would be curious to know how Scoot can manage everything under $1,000.

According to the airline, the fuel-efficient new Dreamliners would cut the costs of long-haul commercial flights to a great margin. Besides, it is currently serving only one destination – Athens – which is a less popular spot than other European cities, and thereby helps to keep the cost in check.

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Another reason of the low airfares is that Scoot is a budget airline. So, it offers fewer comforts than other standard carriers. Your cost will increase if you want to avail additional facilities such as have a meal or drink, in-seat electricity, check-in luggage, adjustable headrest, in-flight entertainment, and more.

Scoot has a plan to expand this low-budget service to other European cities.

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