NSW to draw millions of visitors with big sports events


Millions of tourists visit NSW to enjoy the region’s packed calendar of sporting events. Over 3.5 million international and domestic visitors travelled to NSW and stayed their overnight in the past year to either participate in or watch a sports match.

The results of the latest National and International Visitor Survey were revealed on the final day of the Australia Tourism Exchange, the biggest annual travel and tourism business-to-business event in the country.

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Sandra Chipchase, the Chief Executive Office of Destination NSW, said that the figures indicate a huge growth in the numbers of day-trip and overnight visitors. As NSW unveils an extended calendar of events for 2017, Ms Chipchase hoped that the trend would grow even bigger and draw more visitors. She saw it as a great opportunity for the hotel operators, travel agents, and industry providers of the State.

In the past year, the visitors contributed $909 million to the local economy by staying 2.6 million nights. The businesses can expect larger figures this year because some of the biggest sporting events will take place in the NSW in the coming months.

Photo Credit: Destination NSW

Two English Premier League giants Arsenal and Liverpool will play matches in Sydney while the region will also host matches of college football and the Rugby League State of Origin series. Ms Chipchase hoped that these games and events would help to maintain the State’s position as the top destination for major events and tourism in the country.

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