IT failures compel British Airways to cancel London flights


A technical glitch has caused British Airways (BA) to cancel all of its flights from the two main airports in London. However, the airline denied any possibility of a cyber-attack.

According to the BA, the largest carrier in the United Kingdom according to the fleet size, a global computer system outage has left their planes stuck on the Heathrow and Gatwick runways. In a statement, the airline requested their passenger not to come to the airports.

Photo Credit: Hindustan Times

The IT failure caused the cancellation of all the BA flights scheduled before AEST 3am (GMT 1700). They also apologised to their customers and promised to break the deadlock as soon as possible.

The technical problems caused more chaos than usual because they happened on a busy weekend with a public holiday coming up and the beginning of the half-term breaks in the schools. Passengers complained about late flights across the entire UK, including flights stuck on runways and delays at check-in desks.

Photo Credit: The Conversation

The BA is the latest airline to get affected by computer problems. Last month, the French flag carrier Air France and the largest German airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG also suffered a global system breakdown.

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