Enjoy a snow trip in Falls Creek in the winter season


The Victoria region is getting ready for the winter season with lots of skiing spots. One popular family-friendly destination for is the Falls Creek that offers the visitors numerous ways to get caught in the thrilling snow actions.

The Resort is a remote, alpine location, which is just 4.5 hours from Melbourne. Its extensive ski terrain is ideal for snowboarding, fat biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and more. In fact, it offers snow activities for everyone – from kids to teenagers and adults.

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If you have children, go to the Kids Snowmobile Park where the little ones aged above five can snowmobile in a track dedicated to them. It has enough staff to give pre-ride safety instructions and complete supervision to avoid any accident. The Village Bowl Snowplay Zone is also an excellent place for the kids where they can participate in many fun activities beyond the regular snowplay.

If you are looking for a spot where all the family members can enjoy, go to the Village Bowl and take part in a game of snow bocce. There are courts where family members or friends can play against each other. If you consider yourself a pro, enter the official competition.

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The Falls Creek also offers the opportunity to snow biking. Rent a bike for the night sessions or an entire day and enjoy the adrenaline rush. The Forest Air Helicopters is a great way to get a bird’s eye view of the area seven days a week. You can book it for a 10-minute flight or longer sessions.

To know more about the resort and the activities they offer, visit the website of Falls Creek.

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