Malaysia Airlines to refund customers cancelling London flights


An airline has come up with a passenger-friendly offer after the deadly terror attack in the Southwark district of London on June 3, 2017. Many people are likely to cancel the flights to the UK in the light of that incident, and Malaysia Airlines offers full refunds to those customers.

The carrier has announced that all the customers who want to cancel their flights to London would get a full refund. The attack on the London Bridge and Borough Markets area took the lives of seven people and injured 48 more people.

The flagship airline of Malaysia sent their condolences to the victims. The offer will be applicable for those who cancel their flights before or on June 5. People can also reschedule their flights within this time without having to pay any penalty.

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A Qantas spokesman told people to contact Qantas call centre if they want to cancel or reschedule their flights. They also keep their flights open to and from London.

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have not taken any additional safety measures for the travellers going to the United Kingdom. They advised people to exercise routine security procedures.

Nevertheless, Phil Sylvester, a travel expert at the Travel Insurance Direct, said that the travellers are unlikely to get coverage for cancelling their flights following the terror attack. According to him, terror attacks fall under the category ‘unforeseen’ that has no or only limited coverage.

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Mr Sylvester confirmed that the travel insurance provided by his company would cover the costs of medical evacuation and medical expenses for those directly affected by the London event.

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