Humpback whale migration season starts in Sydney


The northern migration of the humpback whales has already started. So, the whale-watching season in Sydney has kicked off too from May 18.

There are regular sightings of whales of different ages within 2 miles of the land. The east coast off Sydney, as always, is going to be the centre of the visitors’ attraction. The local operators have named it as the ‘humpback highway’ as the passage gets swarmed by the giant creatures.

The migration of the whale population of the southern hemisphere is world famous because a huge number of whales migrate from one part of the world to another part. Strict conservation and support from different groups have helped to grow the number bigger year after year. More than 22,000 whales are likely to cross Sydney this year.

These whales travel more than 10,000 km to go from the colder Antarctica to the warmer waters of Northern Australia where they mate and give birth.

They rarely eat during the entire journey except for an enormous amount of krill before leaving the icy water of the southern hemisphere.

Photo Credit: Daily Telegraph

Humpback whales, which grow up to 16 meters, are most commonly being spotted on the east coast. However, it’s not rare to find other species such as Southern right, Minke, and the mighty Blue Whale.

If you don’t want to miss the exciting show, contact a local operator and plan a trip to Sydney during this migration season.

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