A China Eastern Airlines plane returns to Sydney for engine problem


A flight of a China Eastern Airlines was forced to land in Sydney after a part of one of the engines was torn. The pilot immediately turned the plane back after realizing the danger.

It was an Airbus A330 that departed Sydney to go to Shanghai at around 8:30pm on Sunday, June 11. It returned to the base just an hour after the takeoff. Some passengers noticed the problem with the engine and told the staff immediately about it. They also had a burning smell and heard a massive noise and became terrified.

It is believed that a strip of the engine’s outer casing was sheared off. According to a Daily Telegraph report, the on board travellers were supposed to fly to their destination in another flight on Monday morning.

Photo Credit: Free Malaysia Today

Kathy Zhang, the General Manger of the China Eastern Airlines, said on Monday morning that they had been investigating the aircraft to find out the reason for the accident. She also confirmed that they would arrange another flight in another plane for the stranded passengers.

Ms Zhang said that the pilot decided to return to the Sydney Airport after noticing a problem in the left engine. She ensured that all the crew members and travellers were safe after the landing, which was done under the close monitoring of the NSW emergency fire services. The airline arranged accommodation for all the passengers for the night.

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Although the impromptu landing did not cause any accident, the Sydney Airport experienced a slight disruption in its schedule this morning. A shroud of fog affected the arrivals and departures of planes including the redirecting of one flight to Brisbane and cancellation of another ten domestic flights.

Most airlines are still maintaining their regular schedules although passengers have been told to expect delays as the fog was unlikely to be cleared off until later this morning.

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