NSW looking to capitalise on the Chinese market


International visitors have come as a blessing for the economy of the New South Wales (NSW) region. They have combinedly contributed a record $9.8 billion to the local economy in the last year. Among all, the Chinese tourists have played a prominent role in such an achievement.

The tourism industry has become one of the strongest growth sectors of the State. It has created many new jobs and been instrumental to the infrastructural developments in the region.

Adam Marshall, the NSW Minister for Tourism and Major Events, said that the growing numbers were the result of the NSW government’s hard work. The focus of the officials is to drive overseas visitation. They are successful because Sydney is leading all the capital cities of Australia as the most popular destination for foreign visitors.

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The regional NSW has also shared the fortune of Sydney as it has hosted its highest number of tourists in the past 12 months. Mr Marshall gave their strategic marketing, partnerships with various companies, and hosting international events the full credit for such a boost in the volume of visitors.

China has emerged as one of the leading markets for NSW regarding the number of travellers. According to Mr Marshall, more than 700,000 Chinese tourists visited the region during this period and spent approximately $3 billion. The Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, and Indian markets also see promising since the visitor growth from these countries is more than 15%.

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Mr Marshall revealed that they had an exclusive plan for capitalising on this new opportunity and expand the Chinese market by making new industry partnerships and launching new products and services.

Over 3.9 million overnight tourists from various countries in the world have visited NSW from March 2016 to March 2017. It is a 10% surge compared to the same period last year. In addition, they have also spent $848 million more than the previous year.

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