New seasonal inflight menu Tiger Bites is available now on all Tigerair services


The winter season has already arrived and so is the seasonal inflight menu of Tigerair Australia. The low-cost Australian airline has launched the Tiger Bites that features the highly popular year-round favourites and a few new additions. The varied items on the menu are likely to satisfy every taste and accommodate every budget.

Vanessa Regan, the Head of Communications of Tigerair Australia, said that their new menu had been designed to offer the customers the best value for money. The menu celebrates the theme Street Eats At 30,000 Feet, which indicates that the food choice will be diverse and within reach of every passenger.

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Ms Regan also confirmed that Tiger Bites, which features more cold and hot items than ever before, would entertain the guests with a wide variety of dietary choices including vegan and gluten-free.

People who will pre-order before fly will get the privilege of being served first onboard. Starting from only $11, they can choose from a menu including a non-alcoholic drink of choice and a number of delectable hot meal items. In addition, the regular options feature the favourites like the savoury pastry pack and jumbo all day Turkish along with newly added items such as veggie pastry pack, toasted meatball sub, bite size chicken, and more.

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The Tiger Bites is currently available on all Tigerair services. Along with the food items, it also serves soft drinks, hot and cold beverages, and a selection of cider, beer, wine, and mixers.

Furthermore, some merchandise including pillows, kid’s items, gifts, etc. are also available now across all of their services. According to Ms Regan, guests will get all the things sold onboard at great value prices.

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