Indian hotel refuses a female traveller to check-in for being single


An Indian hotel refused to let a female traveller check-in because she was single. It happened in Southern India, in the city of Hyderabad.

A spoken word artist Nupur Saraswat travelled to Hyderabad for a performance but the Hotel Deccan Erragadda did not allow her to stay there despite confirming her booking through online. They did so on the ground that Ms Saraswat is a single woman. The hotel also doesn’t allow locals and unmarried couples.

Ms Saraswat, who lives in Singapore, decided to take the matter to the social network. She sarcastically wrote in a Facebook post that lots of women travel solo nowadays and they do no more stay indoors for their own safety. She urged everyone to spread the message and make a scene.

People responded to her request, and it had been shared over 1,600 times since then. Besides, more than 2,800 people also ‘liked’ the post. As a result, it came to the notice of Goibibo, a third-party website through which Ms Saraswat booked the hotel.

The hotel booking site responded straightaway and arranged a complimentary stay for Ms Saraswat in a different hotel. They also refunded her money and apologised for the inconvenience.

Goibibo explained in a blog post that they were going to investigate the incident. They have already delisted the Hotel Deccan Erragadda from their site. On the other hand, the hotel manager gave a statement to the booking site explaining that those policies were implemented after interaction with the local police.

Photo Credit: Goibibo

Ms Saraswat confirmed Goibibo’s statement regarding the situation in a follow-up post. She also said that she saw the hotel’s policies but could not quite understand these. According to her, many people had been telling her not to make a fuss since the hotel was clear with its policies. However, she still thought that such practices were unacceptable that push women to get a man to travel with.

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