Scoot does not allow passengers in wheelchairs on board


The news about the misbehaviour of airline staff with the passengers has been piling up for the last several months. Scoot is the latest carrier to join that list. The crew did not allow two passengers on a wheelchair to board a flight.

David Wadge, a 45-year-old Brisbane resident, and Dr Merima Isakovic, a 58-year-old clinical psychologist, could not board the flight TZ005 from the Gold Coast to Singapore when the budget airline staff refused to allow them on board unless they had a carer accompanying them.

The incident happened on Saturday morning, July 8. Merima was going to Singapore to attend a family celebration, and David was heading to Cebu in the Philippines. Both of them have been using the wheelchair for more than 20 years, and none of them has ever had to take a carer with them.

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Most airplanes have aisle chairs that safely transfer the wheelchair users into their seat. However, both of them said that Scoot’s staff told them about not having that kind of service. Merima found it ridiculous because even if she had a carer to abide by the airline’s policy, that person would not be able to carry her to the seat.

On the other hand, Scoot sent a statement to the in response to their inquiries. According to the airline, their policy did not allow them to carry those two passengers without being accompanied by an able-bodied guest. It also revealed that they refunded the airfare in full when the two refused to take their arrangement for alternative flights.

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Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Alastair McEwin, found the incident totally disappointing. He said that people with disability have the right to travel anywhere in the world and the airlines are required to give these people access to their services.

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