A mansion of Pablo Escobar in Mexico is renovated into a hotel


Narcos fans, let’s gear up and pack your bag for Mexico! One of the private houses of the notorious Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar, has been turned into a 35-room luxury hotel. You should pay a visit there if you have watched the Netflix series and are curious about the lifestyle of the billionaire narco-terrorist.

The mansion in Tulum, Mexico, has been empty for more than a decade. However, an art dealer named Lio Lamca took an interest in it and renovated it into the splendid Casa Malca.

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Escobar built the house in the 1980s. It has a rooftop deck, pool, underground steam room, and plenty of furniture, sculptures, and paintings. It’s an eco-friendly hotel that sits on the virgin stretch of a stunning private beach. You have to spend at least $670 for spending a night there.

Escobar was a powerful and brutal drug lord who was the seventh richest man in the world at the height of his notorious career. Starting in 1987, he made it to the world’s richest people list by Forbes for seven consecutive years.

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Escobar was the kingpin of the notorious Medellin drugs cartel that was thought to be responsible for almost 80% of all the cocaine shipped to the United States. The business was so thriving that he even bought two submarines for the smuggling.

The Colombian police killed the drug lord on December 2, 1993, when he was trying to flee.

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