Singapore Airlines launches a new programme for business and corporate clients


Singapore Airlines has launched a new travel programme to the benefit of the corporates and employees from small companies.

The HighFlyer for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) is designed to help the people working for corporate organisations to get more mileage for flights on company business. The reward will be applicable for flying with either the regional airline SilkAir or the Singapore Airlines – the flag carrier of Singapore.

The programme will reward more the business travellers. It will allow the employees to earn KrisFlyer miles and corporates to score HighFlyer points each time they fly with any of the two airlines. For every dollar spent on the tickets, you can earn five points. Besides, there’s no obligation about minimum annual travel spend.

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There is a self-service web portal that lets the flyers to check and use their HighFlyer points. It’s the user’s choice to decide when and how to utilize the earned points.

Campbell Wilson, the Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing of Singapore Airlines, sounded pleased over the launching of the new programme. According to him, it reflected the airline’s dedication toward enhancing the journey experience of the business travellers and corporate clients. You may visit Singapore Air to know more about the new programme.

Photo Credit: Singapore Airlines

Since 1967, the Singapore Airlines has been operating in Australia. It currently runs 121 weekly flights from six major Australian cities.

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