Aircraft Engineers Lose Their Jobs at Qantas Due to Fight Over Flight Safety


Qantas Safety Checks

The Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA) insisted that Qantas Airlines should continue to ensure all domestic flights are operationally sound prior to each takeoff.

However, Qantas insisted that safety tests were no longer needed and to halt its current procedures.  As a direct result of the dispute, at least thirty engineers will be cut from Qantas’ payroll.

Steve Purvinas, ALAEA’s Federal Secretary, said that even though the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) had approved such cuts in operational procedures, he insists, by cutting safety checks, mistakes would be made.  Additionally Purvinas believed that Qantas was more concerned with saving money rather than safety.  Purinas says the fight will continue. 

“If CASA doesn’t listen, we will go to the Transport Minister [Anthony Albanese].”

Qantas-staff-member-at-workA representative for Qantas has already verified the dispute and job cuts.

Previously, Qantas had announced it would be cutting five hundred jobs from the heavy maintenance division of its Queensland and Victorian outlets.

In response to Purvinas’ claims Qantas countered by insisting that ALAEA’s concerns are nothing more than scare tactics brought on by the union, and their decision to cut procedural safety checks would not affect a traveller’s flight safety.

Qantas also attained that other carriers such as Jetstar and Virgin Australia, have made similar adjustments to their safety check procedures.

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