Little Sydney girl drowned in Bali awaits flying back to Australia


A three-year-old Sydney girl was in a drowning accident in Bali. Her parents are now waiting to fly her back to Australia once they raise the money required to pay the bills of the air ambulance.

Kawa Sweeney was pulled unconscious from the swimming pool of a villa in Bali on Sunday Morning. She went there with her parents who had planned to take it as a combined work and holiday trip.

The girl’s father, Desmond Sweeney, is an artist working for pubs and her mother, Dee Tang, is the owner of a homewares store named Kawaiian Love Shack.

Kawa with her mother and infant sister. (Photo Credit: Daily Telegraph)

The family needed money to bring the girl back to home. They thought they had travel insurance via Ms Tang’s credit card, but it does not cover that expense. So, Ms Tang’s sister, Christine Walsh, asked for help in an Instagram campaign on the Kawaiian Lion page. Fortunately, they received overwhelming responses and raised approximately $70,000 in less than 24 hours. Little Kawa is supposed to be flown to Perth today.

Kawa’s condition was stable, said Ms Walsh, but the doctors advised them to take her to Australia as soon as possible. They needed to pay the air ambulance company $42,000 in advance to charter the plane to Perth.

Kawa Sweeney, 3, pulled unconscious from a pool in Bali. (Photo Credit: Daily Telegraph)

Ms Walsh expressed her gratitude to all those people who had donated money for the girl. She assured that all the extra cash raised through the fund would go to charity.

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