Studying short courses is the new trend followed Virgin Australia flyers


What do people do on a flight? Well, the truth is they don’t have much to do apart from watching movies and shoes, listening to music, reading, and sleeping. However, a new trend is emerging, and people’s participation in it has been growing at a steady rate.

Virgin Australia partnered with Open Universities Australia last year to execute the concept of flying school. It allows the flyers to enrol in short courses with leading Australian universities during their flight with the carrier.

The Open Universities Australia offered these courses as an alternative to typical in-flight activities. It seems that the travellers have received this opportunity with their arms wide open as the number of enrolments has been counted to approximately 50,000 since the launch of programme.

open2course virgin australia

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Provided through the Open2Study course provider, the offered courses have no accreditation but you can add to your CV an attractive certificate after completing a course. Each one can be completed within four flying hours over a period of four weeks. However, you can finish it later if your flight is shorter than the required time.

The subjects that have received the highest number of enrolments are nutrition and psychology. Project management is another equally popular program. After receiving such overwhelming responses from the flyers, Virgin Australia has decided to introduce an array of new courses from August, covering everything from astronomy to criminology.

open2course virgin australia

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Hani Banna, the head of the program Open2Study, expressed his excitement over the enthusiasm of the flyers. According to him, such fascinating short courses helped people to spend the long boring flights more productively.

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