Indian airline offers preferred seating arrangement to solo female flyers


It seems that one airline is trying to repair India’s image as a country unsafe for women. Vistara has launched a free Woman Flyer service in March.

The Delhi-based airline has guaranteed that their female passengers will get either the aisle or the window seat when travelling solo. It also offers them help with their baggage and to escort to and from their ground transportation.

India has gained the notorious image all over the world after the savage gang rape and murder of a medical student on a New Delhi public bus. That 2012 incident prompted many countries warning their female citizens about travelling India alone.

india airline women's flyer program

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The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) in Australia also advised the women, even when they are traveling in groups, to be highly cautious when visiting India. DFAT urged them to avoid less populated and dark area, be alert when riding in taxis and rickshaws, and stay vigilant every single minute of their stay. According to DFAT, foreign women could be victim to severe sexual assault crime in India where successful prosecutions are rare regarding such cases.

The chief strategy officer of Vistara, Sanjiv Kapoor, said that they had thought of launching the service after seeing female passengers struggling with their luggage after landing. Their staff will help those passengers with the booking of the airport-authorised taxi and escort to the taxi stand.

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Currently, the service is available on domestic flights, but the carrier has a plan to launch it international flights too once it starts running trips outside the country. You have to book tickets 72 hours before the departure to avail the Women Flyer service.

Previously, Air India, the flag carrier airline of India, also introduced a female-only section on its domestic routes after complaints from female passengers about their male travellers.

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