Number of visitors growing for NSW hiking holidays


The New South Wales (NSW) is the home to a few incredible inland and coastal trails. The time is excellent now for the travellers to visit the state to enjoy some fantastic outdoor experiences.

The Destination NSW (DNSW), the leading government agency for the state’s tourism, has revealed of late that over 4.3 million spent a hiking holiday in the NSW in 2016. If you want to follow this newly popular trend, the Montague Island Nature Reserve and the Gulaga National Park in the Sapphire Coast could be the best places to apply your hiking skill.

Apart from the trails, the parks have other attractions. The Gulaga National Park has the ancient volcano Gulaga, which possesses great cultural significance for the women belonged to the local indigenous community called Yuin. In ancient time, that volcano was the place for childbirth and various indigenous ceremonies.

NSW hiking holiday

The Gulaga National Park in the Sapphire Coast. (Photo Credit: Flickr)

Tom Starr and Sara Wilson, the Managers of SCHP Bermagui, said that tourists liked to hike to the peak of Gulaga and then visit the nearby historic towns – Central Tilba and Tilba Tilba. Visitors can opt for guided walks too that cover the area’s historic, geological, and cultural significance.

The Montague Island Nature Reserve is another popular tourist destination. Known as Baranguba, or the son of Gulaga, among the Indigenous Communities, the island is the home to several bird species including Sea Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Swamp Harriers, and Little Penguins. Besides, you may catch the sighting of whales and dolphins when taking a boat trip from and to the mainland.

NSW hiking holiday

The Montague Island Nature Reserve. (Photo Credit: NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust)

A guided walking tour is available for those willing to discover the island’s penguin breeding boxes, historic lighthouse, and other attractive spots.

South Coast Holiday Parks operates in these areas and offers the visitors all the facilities they need to explore the parks, trails, and other locations. It’s also a part of the NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust (NSWCHPT) that manages holiday trips in iconic NSW destinations.

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