Hervey Bay Ocean Festival in Queensland promises fun and seafood


The annual Hervey Bay Ocean Festival is going to take place in Fraser Coast, in the Wide Bay–Burnett region of Queensland, from August 11-20. The USC presented fest will feature everything from colourful parades to music and sparkling fireworks to succulent seafood to the entertainment of the visitors.

Hervey Bay Ocean Festival

Photo Credit: Fraser Coast Tourism and Events

Although every single day promises lots of fun and palatal adventure, you should not miss some particular events – conservationist Tim Flannery giving a presentation on the opening night, the Blessing of the Fleet on the second day where the fleet of whale watch boats will be blessed in the hope of a safe and flourishing season, the Hervey Bay Seafood Festival on the third day, the Whale Festival Parade on the penultimate day followed by a concert leading Australian and local artists, and the Paddle Out for Whales on the last day.

The Fraser Coast Tourism and Events’ General Manager, Martin Simons, hoped that both locals and visitors would be able to enjoy a fantastic time. Most of the events are family-friendly, and people can relish them in combination with fresh local seafood, watching the migration of the famous humpback whales, and learning about the importance of conservation.

Hervey Bay Ocean Festival

Photo Credit: Fraser Coast Tourism and Events

USC will acclaim the work of Professor Flannery by giving him an Honorary Doctorate. He is an exemplary figure in the advocacy for a carbon-negative future.

For further information about the events, visit Ocean Festival.

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