Switzerland invites hikers to cross the world’s longest suspension bridge


Switzerland invites walkers to trek a narrow path running 86 meters above the ground at its highest peak. Dubbed as the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world, the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge stretches along a valley between Grächen and Zermatt in the Swiss Alps.

Stationed at a dizzying height, the bridge is a record-breaking 494 metres long. Surprisingly, the Swissrope and Lauber cableways engineers took just 10 weeks to build the steel construction. It was built in the place of another bridge that was destroyed by rock falls.

Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge

Photo Credit: The Local

Currently, the bridge cuts it down to only 10 minutes to cross the distance, which was a four-hour hiking journey in the past. It is a must-visit spot for the thrill seekers who can not only look down 85 meters to the valley floor but also enjoy the stunning surrounding views featuring the Bernese Alps and the Matterhorn Mountain.

The website of Zermatt tourism encourages people to discover the thrill of crossing the cliff. However, there’s a warning regarding not to walk on the bridge in a storm because of the possibility of lightning strikes.

Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge

Photo Credit: NBC News

Previously, the glass-bottomed bridge at the Hunan province of China was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Unveiled last year, it was 430 meters long and 300 metres high.

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