Jetstar increases fees for checked-in luggage


Low-cost airline Jetstar has announced new checked baggage fees for the domestic flights. It will be applied from Tuesday, August 15.

All the Aussies passengers taking domestic flights via Jetstar will have to pay $60 for checking in luggage that has not been booked beforehand. Previously, the charge for that privilege was $50. Moreover, you will have to pay extra for the suitcase weights more than 15kg.

The charge is $15 for every extra kilo. It means that if you carry a 30kg bag, you will have to pay a total of $285 simply for checking in the luggage.

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Seems outrageous, right? Well, another discount carrier Tigerair has even a higher fee scale. It increased the fees for check-in luggage in December 2016. You have to pay $75 and $90 for domestic flights less than two hours and longer, respectively. The prices for extra weight per kilo are also higher, which are $20 and $25 for short and long, respectively.

In fact, the budget airlines keep their bottom line up by imposing extra charges on various services such as booking for the preferred seats, in-flight meals, and checked-in baggage. The only way to avoid the costs is to book the bags at the time of purchasing the tickets. The Jetstar bills only $15 for a 32kg suitcase while it is $15.50 for Tigerair. The cost will rise to $32 and $24.50 for Jetstar and Tigerair, respectively, if you book separately but at least before reaching the airport.

jetstar luggage fees

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Many people think that they can skip paying the fees by loading up the carry-on. Well, the restriction is 7kg and no more than two items. There’s no possibility to sneak in anything extra because the airline staff checks and weighs the bags at the gate regularly.

If you have the habit of traveling with checked-in luggage, choose Virgin or Qantas. These are not low-budget carriers, but you will get the facility of free checked baggage.

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