The NSW Government invites application for the 2018 Flagship Event Fund


The NSW Government offers endowments to the state’s event organisers each year. The government is currently asking the businesses to submit their expression of interest (EOI) to get the grants under the 2018 Flagship Event Fund.

The selected applicants will get either a triennial grant of $27,000 each year for three consecutive years or a one-off amount of $20,000.

 2018 Flagship Event Fund

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Adam Marshall, the Minister for Tourism and Major Events, recognised the contribution of local events organised by the event organiser groups to the showcasing of many aspects of regional and rural NSW. He thinks that it is necessary to support the local communities to grow the state’s visitor economy. According to him, highlighting the local communities unveils many untold stories about the art, culture, and people of the region.

Mr Marshall said that the Fund is a part of Government’s project to call attention to the rural and regional areas. They have invested $43 million to accelerate the growth of the industry and attract more visitors.

2018 Flagship Event Fund

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Go to the Destination NSW to get details about the Fund program and know how to submit an expression of interest. The window will be open until September 1. Organisers whose applications meet the criteria will be summoned to lodge a full application in October.

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