Cathay Pacific to give giveaway perfume to their passengers


Looking for a last-minute holiday souvenir? Well, instead of splurging on costly items in airports’ duty-free shops, fly with Cathay Pacific and score something memorable for the holiday season!

The flag carrier of Hong Kong has announced to present their passengers giveaway perfume bottles on specific Australian flights from October. The great news is the offerings are not for just a few selected winners but for everyone from all the classes.

Curious to know what will that special gift be? It will be a bottle of limited edition perfume named Parfums de Voyage. Samantha Taylor, an Australian fragrance specialist, has crafted this special edition to evoke the essence of Hong Kong.

cathay pacific free perfurme

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Before designing the scent, Ms Taylor made a trip to the island to have the first-hand experience of its aroma and smell. According to her, she has tried to catch the island’s greenery and its smoky incense and exotic spices in Parfums de Voyage. So, the perfume diffuses a blend of fresh and warm peppery notes.

Suitable for both men and women, the perfume won’t be available anywhere for sale. Nevertheless, if you want to figure out the value, just know that a bottle of designer fragrances can cost even $150 too! It means that Cathay Pacific believes in rewarding their customers with something that has actual value, unlike a gift that everyone quickly forgets of.

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A recently conducted study by the airline has revealed that 70% of Australians craved for more ways to make their holidays memorable. Southwest Pacific general manager of the carrier, Rakesh Raicar, said that they had planned for a sensory souvenir to make the holidays more meaningful to their customers.

Do you want to book a flight with the airline? Go to Cathay Pacific and see if your flight will distribute the offering.

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