Lennox invites visitors to watch the rare birdlife in Australia


Destination NSW (DNSW) has been highlighting many attractions of New South Wales (NSW) to draw more visitors – both local and international. The organisation has also advertised it as the country’s go-to bird watching state. If you want to find yourself amid an abundance of bird life, go to the North Coast Holiday Parks (NCHP) in Lennox Head.

Sandra Chipchase, the CEO of DNSW, said that all the birdwatchers were bound to make a trip to the NSW because the State is the home to some of the most endangered and rarest species. In fact, the numerous inland and coastal locations in the State have made it a habitat for those feathery creatures.

The visitors at the NCHP have daily sightings of both native and rare birdlife, especially across the Byron and Ballina Shire region. The adventurous-minded travellers will have extra fun because the park authority allows for camping and caravanning.

Photo Credit: North Coast Holiday Parks

Debbie Smith, the Head Manager of NCHP Lennox, advised the birdwatchers to have a kayak or SUP Board trip to Lake Ainsworth to discover the diversity of the bird life. She told them to keep their eye peeled for spotting Dusky Moorhens, Sea Eagles, and Azure Kingfishers. She also parted a friendly advice to not take a respite under the trees at the north-eastern end unless you don’t mind being the target of birds’ droppings.

Ms Smith also pointed the coast for the early risers. You can come across Honeyeaters, Grey Fantails, and Rainbow Bee-Eaters while taking a hike from Sharpes to Shelly Beach. It’s also not surprising to spot Wedgetail Australian Eagles, the largest bird of prey in Australia.

Photo Credit: NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust

The NCHP operates under the NSW Crown Holiday Parks Trust (NSWCHPT), which manages the operations of total 36 coastal and inland parks and reserves. According to Steve Edmonds, the CEO of NSWCHPT, they provide their guests some experiences that are not usually found in other holiday destinations.

Visit the North Coast Holiday Parks to book your next holiday there and have an unforgettable bird watching experience in the heart of some nature hotspots.

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