Tourism Ireland plans an itinerary for the Game of Thrones fans


The seventh season of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones has just been finished. Fans all over the world are probably weeping thinking of how to wait another one and a half year for the next season. Well, Tourism Ireland has offered a tour to some of the stunning locations used in the series to cheer up the fans feeling blue.

The mythical and fantastic medieval world of Westores that you see in the series is actually some beautiful locations in Northern Ireland. Dedicated fans can take the advantage of the three-day itinerary to visit some of the most iconic spots featured in the series.

game of thrones northern ireland

Dr. Chris Brown with the wolves. (Photo Credit: Tourism Ireland)

The self-drive tour will take you to The Dark Hedges (where Arya Stark escaped from King’s Landing), the run of Shane’s Castle (where the Hand’s Tournament occurred and you saw the chained up Ned Stark), and Ballintoy Harbour (the dock where Theon Greyjoy set foot while returning to the Iron Islands). Besides, you will get to visit the Inch Abbey, Murlough Bay, and Cushendun Caves, all the places that were used in the series.

Tourism Ireland even made a huge tapestry depicting various remarkable scenes from Game of Thrones’ seasons 1 to 6 to highlight the connection between these locations and the series. Currently displayed in Belfast’s Ulster Museum, it features the red weddings, wildfire, Ravens, White Walkers, and Lannister hair.

Recently, The Living Room team and Dr. Chris Brown – an Australian veterinarian, TV personality, and one of the casts of the show, visited these spots. His experiences were aired on The Living Room on August 25.

game of thrones northern ireland

Dr. Chris Brown and The Living Room. (Photo Credit: Tourism Ireland)

Tourism Ireland’s Manager in Australia and New Zealand, Sofia Hansson, expressed her delight in getting the opportunity to work with Mr Brown and team. She said that TV and film could hugely influence the taste and preferences of travellers. She also hoped that the dazzling charisma of Game of Thrones would promote the places to popularity.

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