A Jetstar plane had to turn around after the tail hit runway


A Jetstar flight was forced to turn around to the airport again after a cadet pilot’s first takeoff went wrong. It was going to Hobart from Melbourne with 134 passengers but turned back after the airplane’s tail smacked the runway.

The incident happened on May 11, 2016, when the carrier’s A320 took off from runway 27 at 2:50pm. The cadet pilot was operating the flight with the presence of a safety pilot and a training captain in the cockpit. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) investigated the event and published a report on today, September 4.

jetstar plane hits runway

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

According to the report, the cabin crew heard strange noises during the climb of the plane and alerted the captain. Besides, the cadet and the trainer also discussed the unusual higher pitch rate. According to the ATSB, that pitch rate created a high rotation and caused the takeoff turmoil.

The investigators found good communication between the cabin and the flight crew. However, they also noted that the flight crew did not inform the air traffic control about the tail bump.

The cadet pilot was qualified to fly an A320 as he had completed all the training for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Besides, he had a license for flying commercial flights too. After that incident, he had to take additional training and assessment before being assigned to flight duties again.

jetstar plane hits runway

Photo Credit: Herald Sun

The event did not lead to any major damage as the plane landed at the runway at 3:23pm. A spokesman for Jetstar confirmed that the cadet pilot had operated since without creating any troubling incident.

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