Triple M radio hosts will broadcast from Hawai’i for a week


For the first time, the Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane breakfast radio teams of Triple M Radio will broadcast live from Hawai’i. The courtesy goes to a partnership between Hawai’i Tourism Oceania, Jetstar, and Outrigger Resorts.

The Grill Team from Sydney, Marto, Ed, and Robin from Brisbane, and The Hot Breakfast from Melbourne will fly to Hawai’i and broadcast live from October 9 to 13. Kerri Anderson, Hawai’i Tourism Oceania’s Australian Country Manager, described it as a great prospect to promote the spirit of Aloha throughout the Eastern seaboard of the country. She called the breakfast teams as great champions of Aloha and hoped that they would provide the Australian a memorable broadcast week.

Photo Credit: Hawaii Tourism Oceania

Janella Pash, Triple M Network’s Head of Promotions, said that they were thrilled about the partnership as it would fill the Australian airwaves with the Aloha spirit for a week. The hosts will visit various famous destinations and attractions to showcase the diversity and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

hot breakfast hawaii

Photo Credit: Triple M

During the week, Triple M will broadcast five live shows from Waik?k?. The network will run promotional events and competitions before the broadcast. Interested people can join them as a group of lucky winners will get the chance to visit Hawai’i to join their favourite hosts.

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