Croatia – The next European hotspot?


The holiday season last year centered mostly around two places – Vietnam and Greek Islands. The Instagram was literally flooded with smiling photos of travellers visiting various spots in these two destinations. However, the photo-sharing platform hints that Croatia is going to be the next star!

Travellers always look for a new destination. But, why their choices have taken a Balkan shift? Well, the answer is simple – the Eastern European country is an amazing place that has something for everyone.

Standing by the coastline on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is the home of over thousands of islands and a number of places drenched with historical vestiges from the medieval, gothic, and Renaissance periods.

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Explore Dubrovnik through a bike ride. (Photo Credit: Wilderness Travel)

Let’s see why hordes of Aussies have been flocking there:

The Croatians are more laid back than the Aussies and they spend hours drinking and chatting. Now, who does not love some laziness and slackening during holidays? Besides, you will get to enjoy plenty of BBQ parties where everything from octopus to tuna steaks and skinless sausage is available.

Another good thing is that the beaches have crystal clear turquoise water free of any poisonous and deadly sea creatures. You can swim, dive, or kayak in the water as long as you want without the fear of getting stung or bitten. You have to be careful from sea urchins, but they are not poisonous.

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Rafting at the Cetina River. (Photo Credit: Cetina Raft)

The country is the home to eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, which is a treat for any history and culture buff. You can take walking tours through these spots including the stunning waterfalls of Plitvice National Park, the medieval tombstones in Ste?ci, the walls of Dubrovnik, and more. In fact, the history of this region dates back before the arrival of Jesus!

The Game of Thrones fans must be glad to know that that the Old Town in Dubrovnik City, Southern Croatia, has been featured in the hit HBO series. Walk around the area, and you can spot the city walls of Kings Landing, the large cave where Queen Daenerys keeps her dragons, and the path where Cersei Lannister did her ‘walk of shame.’

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Beautiful Croatia. (Photo Credit: Travel Talk Tours)

The country has a lot more attractions besides the ones mentioned above. The travellers will also be happy to know that Croatia is cheaper than many European countries. You certainly have the options to indulge in luxury, but there are lots of options for trips within mid-range budgets.

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