A tear gas attack leaves six injured at the Frankfurt Airport


A mystery gas attack in Germany’s Frankfurt Airport left six people injured. An investigation has been going on to find out the motive behind this action.

An unknown person released tear gas inside the Terminal One at the Frankfurt Airport on Monday, September 11. According to a report published on The Sun, a person tear gassed the passengers lining at the check in counter. German tabloid Bild also reported the same news saying that someone released an ‘irritating substance’ on the people waiting in front of the Terminal One’s check in desk.

frankfurt airport tear gas attack

Photo Credit: Mirror

Emergency services quickly arrived at the terminal to control the situation. The German Federal police reported that they had taken everything under control. The official Twitter account of Frankfurt Airport published a tweet explaining the situation. According to it, the Fire Department completed their operation and the affected area had no more trace of the tear gas.

After the attack, the authority closed the counters. However, these were reopened after the Fire services announced the area safe. According to the police, six people suffered minor injuries and they were released after the treatment.

frankfurt airport tear gas attack

Photo Credit: Mirror

The incident took place less than 48 hours after a partial evacuation at the same airport due to a bomb threat. A man told the police that he had explosives in his bag. However, there was nothing and the man was later discovered to be a patient of mental illness.

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