Scenic World takes new renovation project to enhance visitor experience


Scenic World, the amusement park in New South Wales, Australia, has undertaken a $3 million project for the upgrades of Scenic Skyway. The privately owned park considers the initiative as a proof of its commitment towards the tourism industry.

After the upgrades, the Scenic Skyway will have 30% more ride capacity. It will enhance the visitor experience, reduce the waiting time during peak hours, and reinforce the park’s status as a world-class tourist attraction.

Being suspended 270 meters above the Blue Mountains’ Jamison Valley, the Scenic Skyway is the highest cable car in Australia. It provides stunning views of the Three Sisters, the Katoomba Falls, and the panoramic sights of the Jamison Valley with the electro-glass cabin floor and 360-degree views.

Scenic Skyway upgrades

Photo Credit: Scenic World

The upgrade work, which is slated to be completed in mid-November this year, comes four years after the renovation of the Scenic Railway. The park authority has invested $33 million over the last five years for the development and renovation of the infrastructure.

Anthea Hammon, the Managing Director of Scenic World, considered the recent renovation as a part of their goal of evolution to attract more tourists from every part of the world. Ms Hammon’s grandfather established Scenic World in 1945. Since then, it has made significant progress as a family business. But, the present-day tourism market has become competitive and every business has to think out of the box to stay alive.

Scenic Skyway upgrades

Photo Credit: Away We Go Tours

According to Ms Hammon, they have been continuously striving to grow their business and add unique experiences so that the park can exceed the expectation of the visitors.

The Scenic Skyway will remain closed from October 9 to mid-November due to the upgrade project. However, other park attractions such as the Walkway, Cableway, and Railway will be operational as usual. Visit Scenic World to have more information about the park’s rides and attractions.

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