Woman arrested for falsely claiming of a bomb in a British Airways flight


A British Airways flight in Paris was cancelled and evacuated after a woman allegedly claimed that the plane was going to blow up.

According to a report published in 9 News, the plane was at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on Sunday morning, September 17. Police immediately surrounded the place and held it on a tarmac after the claim. It was evacuated to do another aircraft and baggage search.

A woman in her 50s made that claim after being denied to board on the plane because she did not have any valid ticket. However, it came out as a false statement and police arrested that unidentified woman.

british airways bomb threat

Photo Credit: Mirror

Many passengers posted the updates on social media and said that police and fire vehicles surrounded the flight BA0303. A passenger tweeted that the person in question made a ‘direct threat’ against the aircraft. However, it took off to Heathrow Airport, London, after armed police found nothing on board.

A spokesman from the British Airways also confirmed the alleged security threat and the subsequent evacuation. He said that the safety of the passengers and crew was their top priority and they would never operate a flight unless everything was 100% safe.

British Airways Bomb Threat

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The incident hot on the heels a failed bomb plot in the UK. British Intelligence could thwart the attempt to plant a bomb on a London Underground train on Friday. However, the situation has been announced as ‘critical,’ which means that there could be another attack.

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